Women’s Soccer


2024 Spring Season Information

Please read this page carefully before contacting coaching staff with additional questions!

Practice Times & Location

Varsity will practice from 3:45 to 5:30pm.

JV will practice from 4:30-5:45pm (V/JV players will practice with JV).

C Team will practice from 3:10-4:30pm.

All practices will be on the West Turf Field!

If there is inclement weather, practices may be moved indoors or cancelled outright.

Coach Roush will inform the V/JV players and families and Coach Ocon will inform the C team players and families via GroupMe.



Most informational communication will be done via GroupMe. Coach Roush will set up a V/JV players’ GroupMe, Coach Ocon will set it up for the C team. Team Level Parent Managers will manage the Family GroupMe for each team. Please make sure that the coaches have your accurate phone numbers!


If you have a question you would like to ask individually of a coach you can reach us via email.

Coach Roush- skylarroush@gmail.com
Coach Ocon – jocon@bluevalleyk12.org

KSHSAA Eligibility

  • Non-school competition and/or ‘Club Soccer’ is prohibited during high school soccer season.
  • Auditions/tryouts with a club, ODP, Academy, etc are prohibited. (No college workouts during season on any visits.)
  • Call the staff, Athletic Director FIRST over any eligibility question.
  • Violations = participants will be ineligible; team can forfeit games as well if player in violation participated in games.
  • Any player, coach ,or parent who makes contact w/ an official will be ejected.


  • Overtime – Varsity level only
  • Overtime – tournaments for sub varsity level (where a winner must be decided to advance)
  • Properly equipped rule – bracelets, necklace, shin guards etc.
  • Dissent, inappropriate language and other off the ball type Yellow cards such as delay of game are unnecessary, will be taken seriously, and will have consequences.
  • ‘What we permit we promote’ – expectations for regular season games= expectations for playoff games
  • Practice like we play, and play like we practice.


  • Injured players should attend training daily unless they are receiving treatment or rehab & the two times conflict. All injuries and rehab plans should be communicated to Myles Wilcox, the BVN athletic trainer.
  • Please let a coach know in advance when possible that you won’t be at training or a game.
  • If you miss school for illness, you can’t attend or participate in a game that day. You must attend school for half day if you are ill and arrive late to school.
  • Excused absences: doctors appt, college visit, funeral etc.

Acceptance of Our Role in the Program

Everyone’s role on the team is different but nonetheless important to the TEAM’S success.

A player’s role is fluid – development, injury, discipline, tactical system change etc.

The goal of the program – to compete to be our best & contribute to the success of the team.

Measure your contribution, not playing time.

‘Control the Controllable’ – Every day is a tryout.

We control our attitude & effort.

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BVN tryouts
BVN tryouts
BVN tryouts
BVN tryouts